My Tale from Kiev

A church near the Dnieper

This post may seems very late, I should have started from this when I came to Kiev, but actually is better to make it near the end of my visit here, that way I can be more objective
with my impressions and experience to tell.

I’ve grown surrounded by the russian mythology, from the beautiful Vassilia, to the evil Baba-Yaga, cartoons and tales everywhere, Misha bear and many more… I’ve dislike some, I’ve love others but is interesting how your road in life can take unexpected curves and turnovers…that’s why arriving Kiev was a very strange experience where all my childhood’s dreams, deeply buried in my mind, suddenly came to life when I saw a raven for the first time (those evil birds from tales always attached to witches and death) or I saw a swan peacefully swimming in a pool , or the snow for the first time and pine like Christmas trees, and those golden roof on cathedrals … it’s simply beautiful!

Kiev is a wonderful city, a mixture of the ancient Soviet glory (reduced to souvenirs in a very old street) but actually this city is much more than it’s soviet past, it has in his bones more than 1500 years of human history reflected in every corner where the past meets the present. A present where McDonals lives side by side with an old lady selling beautiful Matroshkas and in the horizon the typical churches dome’s draw the landscape. Is a very green city with trees everywhere… well, green except in winter LOL.

People are awesome too, instead of focusing on difference I try to keep what we have in common, and is much more than the cultural differences, language is a barrier I’m trying to overtake, and eventually I will, now I’m not as lost as four months ago, feelings are universal and in that sense is the best language we can use to communicate. I’m very thankful that Andrew’s family has taken me as one more of his sons, for moments I forget that I’m more than 7000 km away from my home and I thanks God for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful second family 🙂
This trip literally has changed me, I remember the day before leaving my home I was feeling very strange because usually everyone has a life plan, when you can extrapolate and imagine yourself for tomorrow, for the next week, but at that moment I was blocked, I couldn’t imagine what will be next and this trip was a jump into the unknown but many times allowing life surprise you is better than having predefined expectations, just let things happen and during that you will feel more alive than ever 🙂


My Tale from Kiev

4 thoughts on “My Tale from Kiev

  1. Giovanni Lanfiuti Bladi says:

    I love those posts, you’re really sincere.
    I like you don’t forget what’s real life; I to often see people hiding behind their virtual alter-ego, it’s better not to split life and work, exactly as you do in this Blog.
    I really hope your work will help you in the future to be happier (I’m referring to that post you made sometime ago)….
    Good life!

    P.S: That polygonizer thing was awesome, don’t know why Bart hadn’t posted it on BlenderNation, it seems it should be feeatured…. Send him a e-mail…..


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