Endless polygons

I’m leaving to Cuba tomorrow, many feelings currently got mixed inside me ranging from happiness to sadness, and I can certainly said that I’m not the same who 5 month ago took a plane to Kiev. Somehow I feel much more mature 🙂
I’m very grateful for everything and everyone I’ve met here, first time and first impression are things you never forget and the most valuable memories we carry on through our lives.
And since in a while I will not be able to upload high quality content and cannot be very active in terms of connectivity I’ve made a quick more practical test about LiveClay. This is a quick timelapse I’ve made on a base female head to accomplish an Afro hair style, This was made in a laptop thus limiting the real time capture interval and performing lot’s of background tasks and still I was impressed on how 3DCoat was able to handle +4million triangles without any hassle so I could actually keep adding more and more details to any level without problem, but I’m a lazy skill-less artist so I leave it on hair and earrings :P.
Almost endless polygons!
Note: this is not how 3DCoat 4 will look like!

If you like also the 3DCoat theme you can download it here

Hope you like it!

Endless polygons

4 thoughts on “Endless polygons

  1. Kirill says:

    Woah! 😀 Raul, this is outstanding! I’ve never seen something like “Muscle” brush. My jaw was really dropped! I’m sure that very soon you’ll cover most ZBrush users’ expectations (from ZBrush), will make more cooler tools so 3DCoat will stand as leading program in sculpting!
    I’m betting on this! 😀


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