CloseHoles , global and local versions

Hi all 🙂

Closing a mesh has never been a trivial task, many research has been spent and as a result several approaches exists, with advantages and disadvantages, the price we have to pay for an unlimited complex world is that nothing is perfect but that is amazing in its own way too!
Back to subject, 2D cases are the simplest, yet a search for that will show a myriad of algorithms to perform a closing holes or to triangulate a polygon but things get even worse in 3D case. Since I knew I will face a huge offline time back in my country, Andrew suggest me that would be good to develop a robust closing holes tool.
Here is the first iteration of it, in order to keep it real time for sculpting, some compromises must be made, we don’t need a full and perfect reconstruction tool, because artist can tweak and adjust the result with other tools like smoothing and they ultimately should have the final word on how the hole should be filled, not the algorithm, but further improvements will be made down the road.
The tool is currently robust enough to close and fill almost any kind/amount of holes in any topology (tough sometimes results are not very beautiful in extreme holes) yet, surely it waterproof your models! be from importing existing models with holes or closing in-house holes 😉 … or even to wipe out entire parts of the mesh! and for removing mesh defects … one step more toward topology freedom 😉
In this video I show some artificial, yet difficult holes, and how the tools deal with them.
Hope you like it.

CloseHoles , global and local versions

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