Further CloseHoles improvements

Last week two good things have happen to me: the first is that I have built a new development rig PC, aside from the hardware components, is a childhood reminiscent my passion for building and digging into devices 😛 and the second was the arrival of my lost luggage in Moscow airport, I almost have lost hope to see my stuff again 🙂
So, back on track, yesterday night I have made few improvements to the close holes tool: Optional contour smoothing as a pre-process step that will improves triangle density distribution and contour preserving that will remove the crease created by the process, more improvements coming soon 😉

Test hole with varying density triangles across contour

No contour smoothing

With contour smoothing, notice a more gradual and even distribution of triangles across different density areas

Contour preserving

No contour preserving

Further CloseHoles improvements

3 thoughts on “Further CloseHoles improvements

  1. BeatKitano says:

    Btw raul since you’re kinda tackling the same kind of technical difficulties here: do you plan to finish the removeclay brush ?

    Right now it kinda works but there’s two issues with it:
    1: it doesn’t preserve symmetry
    2: it removes by hammering the surface with some kind of noise, it doesn’t take away chunks of clay only remove clay with “noise”.


    1. Hi
      I may have good news for you: in recent merge with my code and Andrew’s code, I have improved a lot that tool.try to preserve as much as possible the previous curvature. 🙂
      Yes, in fact both tools share parts of the same surface reconstruction tool, what RemoveClay does is a real-time cycle of Deleting-Reconstructing the local geometry, it is useful for parts where Decimate,Reduce or Smoothing will not work and you just need to wipe and clean that part of the model.


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