RemoveClay improvements

Hi 🙂

RemoveClay is a very important tool, it may not be as mainstream as Smoothing, Reducing and Decimation tools for the task but it succeed where the others fail, because what it does is a real-time delete-reconstruct of the local mesh, it means that it can remove mesh defects, split meshes, etc, apart from achieving a decimation and smoothing effect. I’m working toward making it much more powerful tool 😉 while I was offline I also make it much more stable and local curvature-preserving.

RemoveClay improvements

2 thoughts on “RemoveClay improvements

  1. BeatKitano says:

    Looks ok, thought one question: Can it get much more destructive with 100%+ depth ?
    I’m hoping I can quickly destroy parts of mesh with it, in your video it almost looks too soft (like a reduce with details=0).
    Tnx for showing the progress on this one, I’ve been asking Andrew a few times about it as it looks very useful and reminiscent of a melting torch.


  2. haikalle says:

    That same question came in my mind what BeatKitano asked about. but these updates really looks nice and important steps for better 3d-coat experience.


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