A bit of UI cleaning

Hi 🙂

Merged tools

Those who was scared of the cluttering of the UI with new tools popping every time, shall not, as devs, many times we clutter the UI with experimental tools and on going work, so what you see in screen casts are more like our flavor of the software, by no means is the release look. Feedback is very important too, I may say, crucial, because is easy to lost track on artist needs.
So, I decided to clean a bit three floating tools that, altough they have a very different inner algorithms, externaly they may behave very similar, so I’ve merged Decimate-Reduce-Remove Clay into a single Clean Clay tool, with the option to choose among the previous actions of course, so no functionality is lost, just streamlined 🙂

A bit of UI cleaning

3 thoughts on “A bit of UI cleaning

  1. BeatKitano says:

    i’m all for it, just make sure those choice are saved as preset params. Also saved between brush switches (to avoid changing the params all the time because the tool is reset)


    1. BeatKitano says:

      A good thing would be to use what Andrew started to add in the retopo room, using modifier keys (ctrl for instance) you get access to other tools without quitting the actual tool. Something like that generalised to the entire toolset would be very cool and allow for fast workflow.


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