When wind blows changes

There are times when the world reminds you that you controls nothing. Today one of those days. I wake up pretty confident of another common but nice day and suddenly it starts getting dark and cloudy and by the afternoon the solution was to come back to Cuba again. A misunderstanding in my visa terms leads to this. I don’t blame anyone or anything but me and yet, is just life, it happens some times.
Now I have a hard mixture of feelings, in one side is the happiness to see my family, usual friends and usual environment again and the other side is the family I drop here and all the plans thrown under the bus.
I’m not saying goodbye, I will still be in my place poking code and doing my best, just unplugged from the world but will do my best to eventually breath again internet, and hopefully meeting really soon. I’m just saying: See you all 🙂

When wind blows changes

8 thoughts on “When wind blows changes

  1. BeatKitano says:

    I’m sorry in those time global exchange we still need the permission of a state to WORK and have a life there especially when you’re one of the few peeps to have the talent to do it (and therefore not taking the job of a “native”.

    Take care and I hope this will all be a bad souvenir soon.

    See you soon I hope.


  2. mercy says:

    Unfortunately non-citizens cannot remain in any country only for a couple of months as invited guests.

    It would help if you married a Russian girl – in Kiev maybe -, then you would have to prove the authorities that you have:
    1. a paying job in Russia with salary report of previous 6 months
    2. enough money on your bank account (nice amount)
    3. You have a house / place to stay and live.

    Not so simple.


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