Keeping Up

Hi friends!

Just a quick drop note from Cuba! I’m fine, I keep working offline and spending some quality time with my family and friends. Recently I just found a nice algorithm to estimate mesh curvature on reconstructed surfaces and it will have a lot of implications on tools.
The good thing is that I could escape the hard winter on non tropical countries 😛 but I miss you all and I’m dying to be online again 🙂

All the best

Keeping Up

7 thoughts on “Keeping Up

  1. Yunior, cuban blenderman says:

    Hola Raul, me alegro de saber que te va muy bien.
    Hermano queria pasar a verte a Pinar pero te escribi y nunca mas supe de ti.
    Ya tengo Tears of Steel original. Sin embargo me hubiese gustado ver las cosas que tragiste. Espero que en algun momento nos podamos comunicar por el gmail. Un abrazo y cuidate!!


  2. haikalle says:

    Hi Raul! Now when 3D-Coat V4 released I want to thank you too for great work you did with LC. It works great has a great potential for the future.


  3. Don says:

    Hey Raul, miss you on the forums, man. It looks like ZBrush just refined the Auto-Retopo algorithm in their recent mini-release ZB R4v6. They mention that they use some curvature analysis, which I assume is in addition to the inherent edge detection algorithm that they copied from 3D Coat’s Auto-Retopo.

    Maybe your work on surface analysis can benefit here, brainstorming with Andrew to come up with something similar in 3D Coat. Their new implementation makes it look a lot more usable, even for characters, than what we currently have in 3DC.


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