Mesh Mixing at hand

Hi all




This is another quick update from Cuba (that will explain the low quality of the footage :P) LiveClay have it all surface sculpting related, or almost, one of the major feature, cutting edge tool it was lacking was the ability to blend meshes in an artist friendly way. Booleans are powerful but has its drawbacks and in general people tend to use it in mechanical modeling rather than organic.
That was a planned feature since I started to develop LiveClay for 3DCoat.
So finally it has matured enough to start implementing those mixing tools.
The first new tool of the family is CopyClay, a Clone like tool for copying full geometry, and I mean, full geometry: overhangs, loose parts, holes, etc Alowwing incredible easy asset reuse and experiementation all in a fun way to use!
So you have spend half a day modeling a two handed monster and want to make it like a spider with 8 hands? no problem, with this tool is just few clicks away! more eyes? done! the limit is in your imagination!

Note: the tool is still under development so do not expect a soon integration until I go back to kiev 😛 and also the functionality/GUI will probably change.
As expected Youtube does not allow me to upload a video I have prepared probably Andrew or Stas will help uploading.


Mesh Mixing at hand

2 thoughts on “Mesh Mixing at hand

  1. Hey Raul!

    Great to see you going back to join the team in Kiev…3D Coat has come a really long way! And Liveclay has been a huge part of it. I have to admit, I wasn’t totally sold on the usefulness of dynamic tessellation, but you guys have won me over! Some of the work that Artman from the forums has done with the brushes is fantastic.

    Now this, is a great surprise aswell! I’ve been wondering if 3D Coat would ever be capable of something like this.

    Great work!

    I spoke with Andrew about it before, but I have a couple ideas that I think could make a really big difference, and I think you’re the guy to do it. But we’ll talk more when you get back to Kiev.

    Take care man,



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