CopyClay overhaul

Hi guys!

Long time without posting! yes, mainly due to internal work that realy is not worth to publicly comment but not for being internal is less interesting and important. At least to me and 3DCoat and also the fact im in Cuba again 😛
Finally CopyClay is getting to its goal. many new features has being added and others got a major overhaul and improvement!

Hope you like it!


CopyClay overhaul

2 thoughts on “CopyClay overhaul

  1. Annonymous says:

    Feature of this video Do you have it is implemented in the later 3dcoat? (3dcoat is purchased in December
    I saw in youtube.
    It looks great feature.:)


  2. Blendiac says:

    Just glad to hear you’re ok. I was woirried about you! Kiev doesn’t exactly sound like a great place to be right now. Hope we can catch up some time soon!


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