CopyClay Laplacian Bending

For CopyClay I´ve actively researched several bending algorithm. Making the parts seamless blend with the base mesh is far from trivial, and many algorithms can be used. A membrane based algorithm was first develop, which strored an offest from an ideal membrane for each vertex, it turned out not very robust and limited.
Then I cam up with an iterative, spring elastic algorithm that perform quite good and moreover, is fast.  For most cases is the default.
It has the limitation that for parts that required extreme bending over mesh, it requires a lot of iterations and thus, become slow and non optimal.

So finally I’ve implemented a laplacian iteration-free method, completely based on linear system solution,wich has many advantages over previous one: it provides the best bending algorithm altough is not as fast as few iterations on Elastic method) but for best quality is unmatched!
It accurately bend the part over the surface because in theory is the convergence mesh of the elastic method at unlimited iterations.

CopyClay Laplacian Bending

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