Strong smoothing


Smoothing algorithm seems to be a never ending source of inspiration. There´s probably as much smoothing algorithm as there´s researchers out there!
So far 3dCoat has a plenty of smoothing tools, but nearly all of them suffered when mesh density is high or varies a lot across a surface.

Every artist know this when a small dense area rebels against a smoothing eefort. We have tools like recently developed like Smoother, that ideally smooth a painted area, useful for pre-planned smoothing. Or powerfull smoothing, that performs a more aggressive smoothing but still suffers from the curse of the high numbers.

well, Now i have added to TSmooth a third algorithm:  Strong smoothing.  it will always smooth the mesh under the pen regardless the base geometry, and vene better, in a consistent way!

So be careful smoothing with this tool because it can obliterate the most stubborn details!

hope you like it!

Strong smoothing

One thought on “Strong smoothing

  1. Javis says:

    Nice work Raul. I’m looking forward to this new change. I’ve always wanted a smoothing tool that did just that in 3DC. 🙂 Any idea when it will hit a beta build? Thanks!


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