Revamp of Volumetric Shell

These days I have to go back to volumetric Shell (Non intersecting extrusion/offset tool) and along with many tweaks Ive improved the core algorithm so now non manifold cases should never happen, borders quality is improved too.

This are some random dev screenshots I would like to share because I love to watch other devs random screens! LOL

uyop Capturejopu Captureuip jlktru tyiyioo

Revamp of Volumetric Shell

One thought on “Revamp of Volumetric Shell

  1. Hey, how about improving the Autoretopo tool?

    Unfortunately current 3DC auto retopo fails miserably for snail shell shaped ionic column tops.

    Zbrush’ retopo created flawless lowpoly mesh for this hipoly : you need a team like Verold’s QRemesher –> Zremesher so the team can solve specific problems. Manhours and engineering power of a dedicated coder team, who want to prove themselves, so they are eager, cannot be underestimated.

    3DC Forum link:


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