Arbitrary contour quadrangulation


Quadrangulating as ¨even¨ as possible an arbitrary contour, is by no means an easy task, many algorithm exists and even complete thesis have being written about that.

Recently I was developing such a tool that can be used for improve realtime retopology.

I have tested it with arbitrary contours and even ill hspaed ones and generally it performs quite good and for patch like contours used in automatic retopo it really excels 🙂

Cheersret bestofall bestofallcube good jgy quad1 quads3 quads4 quads6 quads8 qube5

Arbitrary contour quadrangulation

2 thoughts on “Arbitrary contour quadrangulation

  1. Blendiac says:

    Looking good there, Farsthary! Glad to see you’re ok, and didn’t end up in Kiev for all the craziness there. One of these days we’re going to have to catch up again! My email address has changed, and is in the comment email field. Take care, and give my regards to your family.

    Hasta luego


  2. Looking great! Seems like it could really benefit from a post-fill average/relax of the non-boundary vertices, as well as some auto merging when a face with a small area:long edge ratio is detected. Very nice to see people tackling good quad fill techniques.


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