Life reset


My time has come, finally I’m free from all limitations I had in Cuba: I’m in United States of America, and I’m here to stay. It was a long dream and a hard road to get here, even traumatic to the point I will not share, but I’ve made it!

Is literally a life reset, I have to start from scratch in a new world full of strange things to me but also full of opportunities. I really cant express what I’m feeling now, is a mixture of everything: happiness for the dream come true and sadness for the loved ones I left behind, impressed by all the beauty and fear for my future, hope for opportunities and uncertainty for my new path and I can go on.

But after all there’s a subtle feeling ever present, women better know: is like a void, after you give birth, when you reach your hardest goal with nothing planned after that, preventing you from fully enjoy your victory and after all, feeling loneliness.

But all of this is normal, is the same countless people have felt when they leave the nest, and more importantly, is the price we have to pay for finally live our lives as we should.

Thank you everyone!

Life reset

6 thoughts on “Life reset

  1. Blendiac says:

    Just remember, while it’s always going to be hard being separated from family, you’ll always have friends over here in North America, not to mention all the people whose lives you’ve touched through your work already, so you’re never truly alone.


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