Alpha QuadPaint tool



Just wanted to early share a possible workflow of a work in progress tool named QuadPaint in the Retopo room. It will be a quite versatile and powerful semi automatic retopology allowing to quadrangulate arbitrary user defined (by stroking or painting) patches. Strokes can intersect defining sub-patches for further control and have different linear densities and in the future more means of quadrangulation control can be added like guide lines or control points of some sort.

My current efforts are focused on bring this tool to a production level state. There’s still many things to improve: from better quadrangulation, to auto snapping and smoothing (which I do manually for this video but once implemented you should see similar results) , adding few more things and to solve several instability bugs latter too.

This new tool shares the quadrangulation code base with QuadFill and CloseHolesRtool (man I should name it better 😉 ) so once I improve this the rest will be improved too.


Alpha QuadPaint tool


Currently I’m working in several tools that share a common code base, and one of the core algorithm of such tools is the procedure to extract closed contour loops from a set of arbitrary oriented and intersecting hand drawn strokes.

This tools are work in progress and more on alpha stages but progressing very well. I show you the internal debug information from the algorithm output.