Quad strips

An incredible powerful and yet conceptually simple tool are quad strips. highly requested by our community! Is on the way 🙂

Using strokes artist can easily create, place and modify full strips of quads with incredible flexibility. I’m still improving the tool flow but will  have auto welding, size control and real-time or near real-time feedback as well.

Quad strips

4 thoughts on “Quad strips

  1. Crush says:

    It would be cool if the stripes are not welding in each case (selectable), but dependant from a defined distance to the next quad and otherwise only moves the existing strip to suit to the quad-flow. To explain it more I mean the example of the brow picture. If you had done full circles to one eye and create another circle around the other they only touch a little bit in the middle between. Those quads should of course be welded, but also a bit position corrected.


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