I just want to thank all who have supported me in a way or another.  What matters is the intention. What I have done and what I will do will be in an important percent accomplished thanks to you!

Here is the list of persons who have contributed so far, this page will be updated regularly:

If for any reason someone want to remain in anonymous status just let me know , or if I have missed someone, please let me know.

Past Blender Sponsors (alphabetical order):




Janne Karhu


Matt Ebb

Paul Hartsuyker


Randall Rickert

Samuel Green


Tom Gleason


Willem Novak and Jef Van den Broeck

Kjartan Tysdal

Awesome 3Dpoder community 🙂

Past Blender Supporters:

A: Angel , Andrew Lane, Alexander Arnold , Andrew Clayton , Architectenburo Domus, Aleksandar Kovac

B: Blaize , Bassam , BeBraw , Bugman_2000, Blair, Bradley

C: Caronte , Cesio , Chotio , Christofer Smith , Christopher Webber , CyborgDragon , Clémentine Dérodit , CG Cookie , Carl Olsson, Cole Reed, Chris Rydalch

D: Damiles , Derbiii , Dawid Osrodka, Dennis Fassbaender , Dylan Urquidi , Daniel Metien , Darkrazy , Douwe Van Der Veen , Daniel Genrich , Daniel Salazar , Dsp , David Finch, Dominiek De Ridder

E: Edward Blake , Edgar Caspersen , Eonmach , Ejner Fergo Malefico , Edward Hoare, Elizabeth Wedlake

F: Felix_Kutt, Fuad

G: GSR , Geergely Gaal, Gaurav Nawani

H: Henrik Larsen , Henrik Levämäki , Heinrich Rabe, Hans-Joerg

I: IanC, Ivo Grigull

J: Josepzin , Joan Breanca , Joshua Faulkner , JesterKing , Julio Iglesias Lopez , Jonathan Williamson , Jukka Matilainen,Jack, Josh, Juan Carlos, JJ Miller, Jim, Jose Cabana

K: Kareka , Koex , Klopez , Kernon Dillon, KentMein, Kattkieru, Kamil Kuklo

L: Lordloki , Leander , Leandro Inocencio , Lindsay Henderson , Luis Fernando, Loopduplicate, Lorenzo Angeli, Lamberto Tedaldi

M: MacIsaac, Mataii , Mars Attacs , Melkornix, Mol , Martin Eschorjez , Mathieu Quiblier , Musk , Marcus Jenkins , Michael Pummer, Michael, Massimiliano Puliero

O: Ola Sikström

P: Pepeland , Paul (Hartworks) , Paul Siegman , Pistolario , Pildanovak, Philippe Derungs

R: Renderdemon, Rolf Fleischmann

S: Shazam , Stephen Whitehorn , Surt , Soliman , Simon Rainerson, Steve Yen, Stian Grindvoll

T: Thomas Oppl , Tkast , Toontje , Tonilogar , Tony Mullen

V: Viriathus , Vic , Vibrunazo

W: Wayne Burns , Wimo, Warren Temple


Z: Zanqdo, Zealand




7 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. I continue to appreciate your efforts. You enthusiasm for coding and your skill in getting pieces implemented is excellent. I look forward to the full integration of many of the projects that you have started, and the Luxrender option is great. I have been encouraging the work by Maxime and Tamito to get the Freestyle render tools integrated, for more NPR solutions in addition to the Lux style. I will try to send along another donation when I can.


  2. I’m a student using blender. its a lifesaver. i persuaded our IT guy to install it over the citrix network so i could use the server farm to render out my short film . had i been using commercial software we would have had to buy licenses for every render machine. thanks ever so much for developing – hope you get the donation ok. the groups as layers is great. coming from an architecture background i really need layers, and its a step towards replacing Rhino which I currently use every day. when blender gets live smart snaps and tracking and seamless curve/surface/’solid’ nurbs with booleans etc it will be amazing.

    hope you enjoy the film, suffice to say it wouldn’t have been possible without blender!


  3. kike sanz says:

    You should really make a list of things that you want to improve or add to blender. I want to donate but would want to know what the output will be. the sph fluid in blender still lack surface generation
    the smoke simulator lacks dynamic obstacles and fire simulation is not very good. If you could lets us know if you have anything new to add or updates would be great.

    could you make a tutorial on how to make fire like the fire video i saw on this website.

    The blender foundation should really hire you.

    good luck on completing unlimited clay
    I don’t know much about Cuba but is it possible to travel abroad?
    sorry for my ignorance .


  4. Hello Mr.farsthary!
    The new video about sculptris-like sculpting is AWESOME!
    i love this piece of software (sculptris) but since pixology has took it in their hands – i have no trust to development of sculptris.
    I believe that Your solution will be (or is now) better than next version of sculptris.And Your piece of software is free for all people around the World!
    People – please donate Mr.farsthary !
    Kind regards
    Hris (it’s my nickname)


  5. Hello theгe! Thiѕ post could not Ьe written any betteг!
    Reading thiѕ post reminds me of my prevіous rοom mate! Нe always kept talking about thіs.

    I will forward this article tߋ him. Pretty sure he will
    haѵe a gkod read. Μany thankѕ for sharing!


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