CopyClay overhaul

Hi guys!

Long time without posting! yes, mainly due to internal work that realy is not worth to publicly comment but not for being internal is less interesting and important. At least to me and 3DCoat and also the fact im in Cuba again :P
Finally CopyClay is getting to its goal. many new features has being added and others got a major overhaul and improvement!

Hope you like it!


CopyClay test 2

From my first introduction of CopyClay a lot of things have got improved: realtime preview, rotation,scaling,offset all with mouse or hotkeys, better stability and improved blending.
Still has a road to walk this tool but things are looking nicer toward artist now:

I will continue polishing this tool and adding new features to enhance it.

non overlapping shell

Hi :)

test showing correctly generated shell

test showing correctly generated shell

Screenshot (11)

Screenshot (20)

Screenshot (21)

Screenshot (22)

Screenshot (23)

Screenshot (24)

Currently I’m finishing a very nice tool: A non overlapping Shell tool. I have made in the past our current Shell tool but it is a common shell algorithm found in virtually every 3D package: it just offset object surface, so if you need an object of a given thickness for 3D printing or other use where it “must” have that thickness and no other, unless you manually tweak the previous generated shell and depending on the complexity of the model …you are out of luck.
With this new tool, no matter the thickness value you want, it will be correctly calculated, so overlapps will just be solid or welded as a real solid objects with cavities should do.
Algorithms develop for this tool can be useful in other parts of 3DCoat too, it was my first slip on “remesh” type tools…so who knows what the future may bring? :P

Pareto principle


Internal work with debug information displayed

Internal work with debug information displayed

Long time without posting! I’m doing a lot of maintenance and polishing work so, while is important for 3DCoat internals it seems to me not very interesting for public announcements since most of the things are technical related to 3Dcoat only XD
There’s a famous 80-20 rule ( that says that most of the time you will spend dealing with things that can be considered “the confetti” on the code…and boy that’s so true!
Most of my time spent this month is sunk in final implementation on features I quickly drafted and implemented overnigth!
Stay tunned :)

Boundary extrusion

3DCoat currently has a powerful set of extrusion tools, you can use either voxExtrude or Bas-Relief,
both had its use cases though: VoxExtrude is for already closed mesh, you “paint” what you want to extrude, while Bas-Relief operates over the voxelized model.
But there’s a third use case: open boundaries and holes, you need to extrude and normalize.
For example in imported scanned objects from medical and technical work where they comes with holes.

CopyClay: the foundation of new tools

Few weeks ago, while I was in Cuba I have announced the development of 3d cloning based tools, at that time I have tried unsuccessfully to upload some testing videos. Well, here’s the real deal :P

Still is on early stages of development and many things will be polished, but the possibility to creatively clone features of the models (or libraries in the future) is worth showing. Unlike booleans that requires a lot of tweak and manual positioning to seamless bled with the base mesh this tools is very fast and allows to freely experiment with your models.

I hope you will like it!

Back in Kiev

Hi all

Platanos, oil on canvas

Platanos, oil on canvas

I’m back!!!!!!

I’m so happy to be active again, many things have hapened in my absence and I have a lot to catch up, everytime I have to go back somehow time freezes in Cuba, but that is not necessarily bad.  Still I have a bit of jet lag (7 hours of difference) and went from a melting 38 degrees to the freezing north, but I’m in my second home again and I feel likeI have never leave!

Btw, this picture is from my dad, a tribute to my homeland. Banana’s trees.



PS: wow, somehow I have mixed Kiev title with bananas trees in a bizarre combination, XD

Mesh Mixing at hand

Hi all




This is another quick update from Cuba (that will explain the low quality of the footage :P) LiveClay have it all surface sculpting related, or almost, one of the major feature, cutting edge tool it was lacking was the ability to blend meshes in an artist friendly way. Booleans are powerful but has its drawbacks and in general people tend to use it in mechanical modeling rather than organic.
That was a planned feature since I started to develop LiveClay for 3DCoat.
So finally it has matured enough to start implementing those mixing tools.
The first new tool of the family is CopyClay, a Clone like tool for copying full geometry, and I mean, full geometry: overhangs, loose parts, holes, etc Alowwing incredible easy asset reuse and experiementation all in a fun way to use!
So you have spend half a day modeling a two handed monster and want to make it like a spider with 8 hands? no problem, with this tool is just few clicks away! more eyes? done! the limit is in your imagination!

Note: the tool is still under development so do not expect a soon integration until I go back to kiev :P and also the functionality/GUI will probably change.
As expected Youtube does not allow me to upload a video I have prepared probably Andrew or Stas will help uploading.


Quick update from cuba

Hi guys!
this is a quick update from Cuba. I´m fine, missing you all and looking forward to be fully online again. Here have started an internet service of 4.50 cuc/hour. Is the first steps and Is better than nothing and now I can enjoy some sort of connectivity. Far from before but while I go back I can keep informed on what´´s going on.
BTW I´m missing 3DCoat V4 Launch!
Ceers to all

Keeping Up

Hi friends!

Just a quick drop note from Cuba! I’m fine, I keep working offline and spending some quality time with my family and friends. Recently I just found a nice algorithm to estimate mesh curvature on reconstructed surfaces and it will have a lot of implications on tools.
The good thing is that I could escape the hard winter on non tropical countries :P but I miss you all and I’m dying to be online again :)

All the best

When wind blows changes

There are times when the world reminds you that you controls nothing. Today one of those days. I wake up pretty confident of another common but nice day and suddenly it starts getting dark and cloudy and by the afternoon the solution was to come back to Cuba again. A misunderstanding in my visa terms leads to this. I don’t blame anyone or anything but me and yet, is just life, it happens some times.
Now I have a hard mixture of feelings, in one side is the happiness to see my family, usual friends and usual environment again and the other side is the family I drop here and all the plans thrown under the bus.
I’m not saying goodbye, I will still be in my place poking code and doing my best, just unplugged from the world but will do my best to eventually breath again internet, and hopefully meeting really soon. I’m just saying: See you all :)

A pending debt

Hi guys!


What have started as a bug hunting optimization have forked an architectural update of base LC tools :p:.

Of course, I will continue focusing on stabilizing current LC implementation toward new Beta, because new one still need some work and tests, so is unlikely artists will see it soon, also, this new rewrite is internal, so tools remain behaving the same but it “completes” the LC data structures to allow easier/faster/more efficient implementation of existing and new tools.

This was a pending debt I have had with myself since long ago ;) and you all know I cannot be too long time doing grunt maintenance work because my brain have a high risk of generate a new idea in the process :P