Every donation has helped me to continue working many hours daily at home on these R&D projects for 3D software (Blender and 3D-Coat), I appreciate them, no matter the amount. This is an excellent way to say thanks and tell me go ahead!

Thank you!


13 thoughts on “Support

  1. Your work here is so impressive it is beyond any words. As a Maya user crossing over to Blender I had initially decided that some sacrifices in tools would have to be made. However in light of your amazing work (and others like you) it is exciting to know that I will have those tools again within Blender.


  2. Dennis F. says:

    Thank you all for that great work!!!
    I did it – donated you :).
    So i hope i could help you a little bit.

    Have a nice weekend!
    Dennis Fassbaender


  3. Hi Fars! I’m a big fan of the work you’re doing and I want to help out by offering some of my web development skills. I think your blog is good but the template doesn’t suit you and it could be much more custom and show that you are truly one of Blender’s best and brightest.

    I have not worked with wordpress templates so specifically, but it’s all just CSS and HTML and scripts and so on which I’m all very familiar with. 🙂


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