Close Holes command

Hi 🙂

There are lots of approaches to cap the holes of your imported models or accidentally broken models, most of them can be classified in two groups: reconstructive and tessellation , reconstructive tries to “guess” what was the shape and curvature of the missing parts, while tessellation based methods just cap the hole. this has its advantages, many tools need perfectly closed models to perform operations on them and also, 3D Coat already has with LiveClay an extensive set of tools to beautify/change and improve topology so we just need to cap those holes in models. While in Voxel mode there’s such an option, is not surface based and the results is quite destructive for imported models, so thanks to LC algorithms we have implemented a Close Holes command that you can enjoy soon 😉


Close Holes command

4 thoughts on “Close Holes command

  1. TiagoTiago says:

    I think i did somthing wrong and i messed up the subscription to comments thingy; not sure if i did it in other times as well…can you check if i’m subscribed to all posts i commented on please?


  2. Hi TiagoTiago

    this development is tied to 3DCoat data structures so currently is not extrapolate to Blender, also after I join 3DCoat team I would not develop overlapped features while I’m on the team, except UnlimitedClay that was started before I join 3DCoat and will be develop to the point I join 3DC team. My main limitation is time, since LC still has a lot of bugs but the good news is that since 3DC is a specialized tool and Blender a general tool, there’s plenty of features that will not be overlapping 😉


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