Vortex particle simple tut

Hi guys!

A pending debt! using the new patch is a bit trickier, because you have to specify which particles will act as vortons (vortex particles) so the typical solution is to use the Tracers particles (the particles you will actually see) and complementary low number vortex particles with vorticity force with fallof forces and opposing vorticity in order to get realistic results.

Hope the video explains things a bit better



++++++++++++++ UPDATE Blend Files ++++++++++++++


Vortex particle simple tut

9 thoughts on “Vortex particle simple tut

  1. kike sanz says:

    hey raul thanks for no leaving us in the dark.hows it going with 3dcoat?
    will you continue work on unlimited
    clay?just asking i would love playaround with clay its exciting.


  2. Moolah says:

    Here is my little fancy try, dudes 😉
    A bit psychedelic – you’ll like it if you like some “mushroom themes”
    Not a great video – so it will not let you down if you’ll not see this.


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