QuadFill tool


Finally iron out the remaining issues and is done! QuadFill is a tool aimed for quadrangulating an arbitrary 3D contours,  for testing purposes I used holes boundaries which I can easily create and shape in arbitrary forms so i can quickly test and debug the tool. But it will be used in places other than filling holes for which we ave an extensive set of algorithms. So will be more suited for retopo, autopo, and the like. The good thing is that is quite robust and flexible, given any vertex contours it will be quad dominant and produce at most, 1 triangle and the rest will be quads. Of course , that remaining triangle can be easily avoided if in a preprocess step the contour is made of even number of vertices, without loosing generality.

In previous iterations of this tool I have not addressed the complex contour case, like T-shapes, X-shapes, C, L and the like, non convex forms, causing it to fail at those:

fail1 mal2Now I have solved the general contour partition, avoiding uneven splitting, interpolating and recursive filling of each convex area. Eventually merging and smoothing/beautifying  the output mesh. Underlying steps are optimal or quasi optimal for initial contour constraints considering edge vertex are unmovable.

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QuadFill tool

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